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Minutes for 16th January 2007

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16th January 2007

Minutes of the Hope Valley and High Peak Transport Partnership Working Group Meeting held on 16th January 2007 at New Mills Town Hall

1. Present:
Mike Bishop (PO HVHPTP) (Chair) Gill Westall (CB & BPC)
Carol Taylor Bruce (HPCA) Jo Kent (HVHPTP)
Alex Walker (Northern Rail) Flo Slann (CB&BPC)
Tim Nicholson (PDNPA) Carol Evans (HPRDF)
Cllr. John Pritchard (Whaley Bridge TC) Tony Wills (GVRUA)
Cllr. John Booth (Outseats PC)

2. Apologies:
Spencer Cooke (PO HVHPTP) Martin Smith (DCC)
Cllr. Chris Furness (Bradwell PC) Emily Davies (PDNPA)
Rebecca Pennyfather (DCC) Mark Eastwood (Northern Rail)
Cllr. Margaret Dyson (Chapel PC) Cllr. Anne Young (Chapel PC)
Neil Roberts (CCC) Jo Bagnall (HPBC)
Mike Flynn (Disley PC) Chris Bell (SPITS)
Roy Chapman (GMPTE)

3. Minutes of the last meeting:
In the absence of Martin Smith, Mike Bishop took the Chair as there were no other Officers present who wished to.
The minutes of the WG meeting held on the 3rd October 2006 were agreed as correct record of the meeting, subject to the following amendments: Page 5 9. b) It was ‘hoped’ that the station adaptor would be willing.

4. Matters Arising:

a. Friends of Disley Station
Alex Walker attended the meeting on 18 October to propose a Friends of Disley Station group. The meeting was supported by Parish Councillors but there was little public interest. It was hoped that the forth-coming celebrations for the 150th years of the Stockport to Whaley Bridge line would encourage local interest.

b. Buxton and Chinley Seating
The seating is now in place and is painted in the Northern Colours.

c. Chinley ticketing
Ticket Pricing Anomaly Since the increase in rail fares it is felt that the difference between journey costs for regular commuters has increased. Many commuters buy a season ticket form New Mills to Manchester as the ticket is cheaper than buying a season ticket from Chinley. A Northern Rail ticket is then purchased from Chinley to New Mills at a cost of £2.75. However, the train that runs at a reasonable commuter time is a Central Train that does not make it’s first stop until Hazel Grove and therefore a cost of £7.35 is required as the commuter was unable to purchase a ticket to New Mills.
Alex Walker stated that it was national policy for train companies to only charge for station at which the trains stop.
Chinley Parish Transport group has written to Northern and awaits further comment.

5. Project Officers’ Report

a. EMT Project
A meeting of the EMT steering group had taken place on 15 January
There were concerns over the cost of waiting shelters as the figures quoted were far higher than the equivalent costs on the Derwent Valley Line. It was hoped that generally a like for like replacement would not involve any increased maintenance costs. If an enhancement, it was hoped a business case could be made by Northern for any such costs. Northern could not commit to this being the case. A report on the progress and envisaged expenditure of the EMT projects will be provided by Spencer, when he returns from sick leave.

b. Help Points
Waiting for progress report from Northern Rail Action M Barker

c. Stations
i) Chinley The relocation of the recycle bins in the car park has created an extra 3 car parking spaces but it was still noted that the car park was full and that a further 23 cars were parked on the road.
The community information board at the station is still waiting repair. Action AW
It was recommended that Level 1 station adopters should reside locally.

ii) Hathersage. Pay and Display. An update on progress has not yet been received from Northern Rail. Action M Barker

iii) Hope Station. The community information is still waiting repair. ISS to be reminded. Action AW

iv) Chapel Station. The John Axon event will take place on Friday 9th February. A folk train will depart from Manchester Piccadilly at 1137. The band will then play at the Railway Hotel in Buxton. Invited guests will attend a ceremony at Chapel Station with an unveiling of the plaque. The unveiling at Chapel is open to the public at 1100 hours. There is the opportunity to join the folk train at Chapel at 1220. The plaque will travel on this train for display at The Railway and will be permanently installed at Chapel later

v) Whaley Bridge. CCTV It is understood that Northern Rail are ready to proceed with this project., although there is a is a question as to where the images will be monitored. An update will be given at FoWBS’s AGM on 24 January. Friends of Glossop Station are to attend this meeting. Action M Barker AW will determine ownership of “disabled access” path across the car park Action AW
An outcome is awaited for a joint project between the community police and the BT police. This was set up because of the unique problems caused by the right of way access across both platforms.

(vi) Furness Vale,
Mike had met the head of Furness Vale primary schools and
opportunities were examined as to how the school curriculum could be linked to the station and the Friends of Furness Vale. Initial thoughts involved bird boxes and a shelter/viewing platform

d. Publicity. “Train Times” Partnership Profile. A reporter from the ACoRP publication, Train Times will be spending time with the Partnership staff and travelling on the Partnerships railway lines. Working Group members were asked to contact the office if they would like to be involved

e. Guided Walks. Transpeak Walks are currently not able to fund walks after April 2007 and asked for suggestions of where they could apply for funding. A bid has been made to Manchester Airport for equipment.. It was suggested that Lottery and Health funding sources could be pursued. (HVHPTP have subsequently submitted a bid to ACoRP)

6. Partnership Future A meeting of the RTP futures Steering Group will take
place 22nd January.

7. Any Other Business

a. Kinder Trespass. High Peak Community Arts have secured £29k to produce plays to be enacted in and around New Mills area to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Kinder Mass Trespass. As the railway played an important part in the trespass it was thought that the Partnership would like to be kept abreast of the event details when they are finalised.

b. WBTC station car park Issues have been raised regarding the use of the station car park. A letter will be received by the Partnership and Northern Rail outlining the problems of the joint ownership of the land and parked cars blocking access.

c. Chinley Station, accessibility improvement programme is being implemented by Network Rail on behalf of the DfT. Phase is already underway and on completion Phase 2 will begin. Chinley is not high in the pecking order. The remit will not give full DDA compliance but will be looking at accessibility from the station drop off points to all the platforms.

d. Hathersage train horns there is still concern over the noise level of train horns sounding at crossing. The ruling to sound horns, has been set by the Rail Safety & Standards Board. It is understood that this is also an issue in other areas of the country and the there is a process to address the issues. Northern Rail have to comply with the ruling as it stands. HVHPTP will request a formal response from Network Rail to include the suggestion that flashing lights replace the horns.

e. Voluntary Representation, Carol Evans represents the Voluntary Sector of the Working Group on the Partnerships Steering Group. The organisation that she represented (DRPF) has now disbanded but she is continuing with work for the CVS. It was unanimously, agreed that she should continue in her role on the Steering Group at least until the future of the Partnership is resolved.

f. Posters. Northern offered to print DR posters for which HVHPTP will provide information.

8. Date of Next Meeting
The next Working Group meeting will be held on-
Tuesday 13th March 2007
at New Mills Town Hall, 10:15 for a prompt start 10.30

The next Steering Group Meeting will also take place on 13th March 2007.

There being no other business, the meeting was closed at 12.02

3rd October 2006

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3rd October 2006


Minutes of the Hope Valley and High Peak Transport Partnership Working Group Meeting held on 3rd October 2006 at New Mills Town Hall