HVL Walk 6:                Hope to Bamford

The Route:    Hope station, Brough, Brough Lane, Townfield Lane, Shatton, Mytham Bridge, Bamford station.

Starting point:         Hope station.

Distance:      2½ miles (4km)

Ascent:         237 feet (73 metres)

Map:   OS outdoor Leisure No. 1, The Dark Peak

How to get there:   Daily train service to Hope and Bamford stations from Manchester and Sheffield.  Check train times as there are some lengthy gaps on weekdays.

Hope Station

The Walk:     From the Sheffield bound platform, cross the footbridge and instead of descending to the other platform continue ahead onto the footpath across the piece of derelict land to reach the lane.  From the Manchester bound platform go down the station approach and take the first left turn, along the lane.

Continue along the lane until your reach a stile on the right, which is signed.  Follow this path across a field to reach the main A6187 road and here go left.  In about 200 yards, look out for a stile on the far side of the road.  It is well hidden, as is the signpost.  Cross the road with care and go over the stile, then bear left to cut diagonally across the fields.  Across the river to your right is a green mound.  This is the site of Navio, the Roman fort.  The path emerges on the road just before Brough Bridge.  Cross the footbridge, noting the rather fine mill building on your right, complete with water wheel, though this doesn’t seem to be in use any more.

Just before the next bridge, go left, up Brough Lane.  The lane climbs quite sharply and soon swings to the right.  A rough track continues straight on and this is your route.  The track continues to climb through an area of plantation woodland, before emerging into open ground at the top of the hill.  It is worth pausing here to admire the view across the Hope Valley towards the Upper Derwent Valley.  Here too is about the best view one can get of the reclusive Overdale, which lies to your right, beyond Elmore Hill Farm.  Much of Overdale is a nature reserve administered by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

The track now begins to descend and soon joins a surfaced road, which serves Shatton Hall Farm. Keep left here, down Townfield Lane, but in about 100 yards, where the road narrows and runs between high hedges, keep right along a broad track, which is signed as a footpath.  The footpath parallels the lane, and is much preferable.  The road is very narrow and runs in a deep cut hollow-way with little or no verge.  Anyone walking on the road would have great difficulty getting out of the way of any vehicles and would probably end up trying to scale the near vertical bank sides to reach the footpath.

Part way along, the track you have been following rejoins the road, but the footpath continues straight on, squeezing between the road and a barn.  Eventually you reach a small gate and a flight of stone steps drops you into the road.  It should be possible from here to use the road, though it is still very narrow and deep cut, but ahead is another flight of steps, which takes you into open fields again.  Use this route instead and follow the obvious path through a series of fields, ignoring a path leading off to the right, and continuing ahead to reach the end of a cul de sac. 

Navio Roman Fort

Go down this road and turn left at the T junction, soon reaching Shatton Bridge and the A6187 again.  Cross the road with great care and go right, soon reaching Mytham Bridge, which spans the Derwent.  Once over the bridge, go left along a quiet back road to another T junction with the A6013.  The access ramp to the Manchester bound platform of Bamford station lies immediately opposite.  For Sheffield bound trains, cross the main road, go left and over the railway bridge to the steps down onto the platform.