HVL Walk 2.                Strines to New Mills Central

The Route:    Strines station, Fox Inn, Brook Bottom Road, Upper Hague Fold Farm, Hague Bar, Tors Riverside Park, Mousley Bottom LNR, New Mills Central station (optional extension via Millennium Walkway, Torr Vale Mill, Torr Hydro installation and retrace steps to Central station).

Starting point:        Strines station. (G.R. SJ 978864)

Distance:     2 miles (3¼ km)

Ascent:        460 feet (140 metres)

Map:   OS outdoor Leisure No. 1, The Dark Peak

How to get there:  Daily train service to Strines from Manchester and Sheffield.  Check train times as there are some lengthy gaps.

Strines Station

The Walk:     On leaving Strines station, turn right and immediately commence the climb up the lovely green lane the leads to the Fox Inn.  Here you are on the Midshires Way and the Goyt Way.  The lane is cobbled at first then just a rough stony surface, then cobbled in part again. 

The bulk of the climbing on this walk is in this first 870 yard (800metre) section and you may well be glad of a jar at The Fox by the time you’ve reached it.  However, it does seem a little early in what is, after all a very short walk to be thinking of taking refreshments.

At The Fox, turn right, along Brook Bottom Road and at the brow of the hill.

Take the opportunity to admire the view southwards from this vantage point.  The Cage (the Lyme Park hunting lodge) can be clearly seen and there is a seat for anyone requiring a rest. 

Annoyingly, having toiled up to The Fox and probably resisted its blandishments, you only walk less than 200 yards/metres before a sign for the Goyt Way directs you right and you begin the descent.  The route down is on a rough track which soon becomes a metalled lane on reaching Upper Hague Fold Farm.  The lane descends even more steeply and so reaches the main road at Hague Bar.

The Fox Inn
Cross the main road and go down Waterside Road, signposted to the Torrs Riverside Park and the Millennium Walkway.  Just past Hague Bar House you pass over the Manchester-Sheffield railway line and then go left into the Torrs Riverside Park, descending a flight of steps into the play area.  Bear diagonally right across the play area to locate a gap stile in the far corner.  A very steep path leads down through the woodland to a track in the bottom by the River Goyt. Here go left.  Follow the track/path through Hague Meadows and Mousley Bottom Local Nature Reserve.  There are numerous paths and tracks, but if you keep to the path or track closest to the river you will be OK. 
There are occasional waymarks for either (or both) of the Goyt Way and Midshires Way.  At one point there is a sign which indicates that you are indeed on the Midshires Way and that it is 210 miles to the Ridgeway and 15 miles in the other direction to the Trans-Pennine Trail.  An indication of how far it is to New Mills would have been more use.

Having passed through a gate, the path eventually leaves the riverbank and, passing through another gate reaches new(ish) houses.  Pass between the houses to the road and here either go right, along the road, or cross the road and then go right, following the Goyt Way signs.  Either way you’ll end up at the same place – at the bottom of the hill leading up to New Mills Central station and the town centre.  The station is about 200 yards/metres up the lane on the left had side.

Goyt Way / Midshires Way
As an optional extra, if time permits, it is well worth continuing along the Goyt Way from the bottom of the lane leading to Central station in order to see the Millennium Walkway and The Torrs. See HVL Walk 3 for details.  Having done this, retrace your steps back along the Millennium Walkway to the derelict mill and then bear right, up the path to Central station.