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Walks from the Buxton Line.

  1. Disley  to Middlewood
  2. New Mills (Newtown) to Disley
  3. Whaley Bridge to New Mills (Newtown)
  4. Chapel en le Frith to Whaley Bridge
  5. Dove Holes to Chapel en le Frith
  6. Buxton to Dove Holes
  7. Buxton to Chapel en le Frith
  8. Buxton to Whaley Bridge                                   

New Mills & Midland Railway Viaduct from Peak Forest Canal
Photo by Martin Smith


Be Prepared

When setting out for a day’s walking, it is worth remembering the old boy-scout motto, “Be Prepared”.  Always take water and a mobile phone. A rucksack with a waterproof and some warm clothing prepares you for a change in the weather.  If you are out for any length of time take a snack with you and a small first aid kit.  Both are light to carry, but could prove important.  Stout footwear is vital.  People have been known to break ankles even on gentle walks and some of these walks are far from sedate.  Boots are preferable, for some walks can be muddy, though many walkers use good trainers during the summer months.  You shouldn’t need reminding to take a decent map.  Each individual walk states which map is required.  You are strongly advised to use either the OS 1:25000 maps or the 1:50000 series.  The latest versions now show the new Access areas.  I haven’t given times for completion of the walks, as you know your own walking speed capabilities.  If you base your times on the good old Naismith formula, (3 miles per hour and half an hour per 1000 feet of ascent), you’ll not go far wrong.  For the metricated amongst our readers, that’s about 5kph and half an hour per 300 metres of ascent.

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