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The fashion brand releases Longue Saison Cuir

From alpine authority Moncler Outlet comes a new line of leather jackets, Longue Saison Cuir. In silhouette and style, the outerwear takes its cues from the Italian company’s lightweight, quilted winter staples. Supple, ultrathin nappa leather provides a cover for layers of down, which means the jacket looks good off-piste—and in the city. $3,360; Moncler Uk New York,

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The Moncler Longue Saison Cuir jacket costs $3,360. An earlier version of this article incorrectly listed the price as $995.

2015 Winter Fashion Moncler Jackets Outlet Online Uk


Moncler Quilted big buff of Suzanne Rogers, Canadian philanthropist, style enthusiasts. See her ultra-luxury cloakroom, my earliest response simply can not describe, as well as preparing to cease breathing, I am as well brilliant dazzle. She appears fine tuned cloakroom, to begin every thing fine clothing, each and every item may be a brand representative season. using the commencement of wardrobe doors, the scene of an upsurge of emotion come about up. Suzanne Rogers 1-2 time period clothing only retained inside the locker room, another a quarter of treasures will very carefully away. Wardrobe in half colored significant heels, another half is all dark clothing, Suzanne Rogers that one of the most vulnerable with black, Moncler Outlet Quilted is her favorite.

Last season, Moncer with lace and hollow element tells you, light jacket can also get “fly up”; and the latest release of Moncler 2015 Winter Fashion series tells you, sit tight, we rode to go!


Scotland Plaid, knight hat, boots, these typical British equestrian element of the new season filled with big show of Moncler Jackets Uk. Moreover, the designer also geometric prints on traditional costumes jockey applied to the new series. Especially often seen in England being installed on the “Prince of Wales grid lines”, is the new women’s designer used a full ten, jacket, ride, if as long as there is an empty place, have been decorated this line of stand up. Of course, jacquard and digital printing as the brand’s classic elements of the new season still runs through the product, but this season especially with camouflage pattern printing plant was the most unique with exquisite.

Fabrics, Moncer new season also pay tribute to the British style, tartan, checkered and mohair double cotton, the essence of these traditional British dress fabric to make clothing look more texture. It is worth mentioning that the new season clothes in stitches with a heat-sealing process and laser cut process, which are so down jacket looks more refined and more details.

Men still to focus primarily on practical aspects. Main series with taupe tones, such as the metamorphosis of stretch nylon jacket, Moncler Classic light fluffy coats and other sections set functionality and usability in one of the costumes.

In addition, Moncler season also introduced nylon backpack, and add decorative inlay fur, etc. to distinguish the change of seasons. Wherein a shoulder bag with Mongolian lamb fur refined wholly owned explosion models the potential to become this season, Meng Meng white winter back up quite the occasion, together with the now shoulder bag is still hot, soft Meng sister paper to see almost no resistance force.

God brought percent male supermodel into the mirror

Explosion of red male model Lucky Blue Smith conquer ten million girls heart, rein in Tom Ford, PRADA and other big, shooting into the mirror image of its photo or catwalk, high popularity, even sister Pyper Smith also “your sister with brother”, the two together into the mirror Moncler Outlet Winter Ad Campaign, the embodiment of the fairy tale spirit, a show aura.


Quickly made this year in the men’s fashion circles Pa Zhou Lucky Blue Smith, a golden white hair, blue eyes, with a gloomy look nasty, are arch fresh meat for the fashion circle male god, let him momentum soared, even sister sister also benefited, he frequently put the two pictured below, also has a gold-colored hair Pyper Smith also became star attention.


Moncler Winter ad Nordic fairy tale, inspired by Russian folklore, Lucky Blue Smith and Pyper Smith in the vast expanse of ice and snow, to catch Moncler down jacket, suit, silver-tone highlights science and technology, futuristic style suit decorated with fur edge, so warm yet luxurious, stylish, even in well-known photographer Annie Leibovitz shot the two siblings Snow Queen incarnation of traditional Russian painting under the Taiwan winter must-down dress, a lot more stories.